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Ready to Transform Your Memory or Vision into a Family Heirloom?


The story behind Sharon K Wojtas Memories to Art is about bringing joy and heart to peoples lives through art. The moment your child was born, that perfect sunset moment when the proposal happened, the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen on vacation. These are examples of art that tells a story of your life which can be preserved and handed down for generations. Memorial portraits are also very popular.


Interior Design - It’s possible you have a new home, or cottage you would like a special piece of art for.  A focal point of a particular room. It’s ok if you don’t have a memory to connect it to.  I can help during our video/phone meeting to give you ideas or come up with ideas that would be meaningful to you.


Embellished Prints - Maybe, you’d just like one of my completed paintings with different colors.  I can create a custom embellished print for you that will be an original created just for you.


I get great joy from creating such personalized art pieces for clients.  I work hard to make it an enjoyable and rewarding journey.


The Process

  1. It helps if you have pics or specific ideas of what you may be looking for.

  2. Fill out the contact form below and submit with relevant pictures.

  3. I’ll call you to discuss your potential project. We’ll discuss your budget, the space where you’ll place your Heirloom, and desired size. Don’t worry if you don’t have a vision for the space, I can help you with that during the interview.

  4. After our discussion, I’ll begin creating some design ideas, and a written price quote.  Once you have approved the mockup and project pricing, I’ll begin your Heirloom creation.

  5. To begin, I’ll require 50% of the agreed upon price. The remaining 50% will be due when the heirloom is completed to your satisfaction and before it is printed and mailed.

  6. For your guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind, all agreed upon terms will be in writing via a project contract before the final painting is created.

  7. Your painting will be signed on front, painting name and date created on the back and you will receive a separate Artist Certificate of Authenticity.

  8. It’s a fun experience to have a custom Heirloom created for yourself, your family or someone you love. Because they make such wonderful, thoughtful gifts, gift cards are available.


If you’d like a Custom Heirloom, just send me your info and pictures using the form below.  Additional questions? I can be reached via email at

Custom Heirloom Consultation Form

Send me notes about the type of Portrait you would like and I will contact you for a free consultation. 

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