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Florals by Sharon Wojtas

Some Creation Backstories

Florals by Sharon Wojtas

My earliest memory is sitting between my parents wearing a teal hat and coat, and playing with teal and pink car keys. I can recall the happiness I felt sitting between them playing with the toy wheel on my car seat and pretending to drive the car with my dad.


My parents are gone now, but a sense of happiness, security and well-being is summoned when I recall my early family memories. My abstract painting Escape was a product of this memory.  I often find myself escaping to those carefree childhood days and colors when I’m searching for a place of calm.

Florals by Sharon Wojtas

At age 10, I entered my dog Fi Fi in the most talented dog competition at school. I was sure she would win the blue ribbon.


Fi Fi was very smart and I knew she would win! I taught her to speak, dance, roll over, sit, lay, fetch and sing (her howling was music to the 10-year-old me). 


I requested a bright pink and lime green tutu for her and my mother came through with a beautiful costume.  When I proudly marched her up to the school, I was sure she would be the star.  However, I was not aware of her shyness. She sat there and refused to move.

Canine stage fright. Childhood humiliation!


We didn’t win anything that day, but we sure looked good.  I don’t have a picture to prove it though. My pet portrait creations are near and dear to my heart and I believe my Fi Fi memories are at the core of that passion.

Even though I lack the pictures of my childhood moments, I do have memories. I'm archiving those memories and stories through art for the next generation.


For now, at least, I do remember those treasured moments. Each memorable moment evoking an emotion prompting the colors of my life to take center stage for generations to come.

Florals by Sharon Wojtas

Today, I spend my time painting experience inspired art. The style varies as does the medium depending on the work I am creating and the color emotion behind it.


My painting “The Necklace” catches the pure joy of a little girl looking at herself in the mirror with her first necklace purchased at her first mall experience. It’s a wonderful memory and now Heirloom for her family.


This painting is true example of what I love to do!

The Necklace (Watermarked).jpg
Florals by Sharon Wojtas

The complete focus of Sharon K Wojtas Memories to Art is to archive the special moments of a person’s life by creating meaningful pieces of art inspired by the experience.

"Because Art From the Heart Just Makes Life Better!”

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