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Because Art From the Heart Just Makes Life Better

–Sharon K Wojtas

Sharon K. Wojtas Memories to Art


I’m the Artist and Founder of Sharon K Wojtas Memories to Art. I’ve had my hands in paint or on a paintbrush as long as I can remember.  My work is an expression of my love of life, family and friends.  My inspiration comes from the embraced experiences we all share.

Through art creation, my family’s cherished memories come to life as treasured heirlooms that will be enjoyed for generations. My mission lives in creating the same for my valued clients.   

You’ll find available prints in my store (The Emporium). Additionally, you can choose to have an original embellished print designed just for you! I except a limited number of commissioned projects each year, so please reach out to chat if that's what you desire. For a custom Heirloom based on your own experience/memory, we’ll partner up and create something truly beautiful for your family and home. Gift certificates are available by request.

People tell me their Heirlooms bring great joy. I'd love to create something to enhance your life and home in the same way.

Schedule a free consultation to start your heirloom journey. "Because Art From the Heart Just Makes Life Better!" 

Displayed Art

Florals by Sharon Wojtas
Dog Portrait Gallery by Sharon K. Wojtas Memories to Art

Artist Statement

Sharon K Wojtas Memories to Art

Every meaningful memory I possess is surrounded by color. These colors of my mind allow me to bring my personal treasured moments and experiences to life using a variety of styles and mediums. 

The complete focus of Sharon K Wojtas Memories to Art is to archive those special moments of a person’s life by creating meaningful pieces of art inspired by a particular event, memory or experience.  "Because Art From the Heart Just Makes Life Better!"

Sunset at Folly 2023 By Sharon K. Wojtas.JPG
Artist Statement
Florals by Sharon Wojtas

Gifting the Passion:


My earliest art experiences were with the outstanding art instructors I had in school, but most influential were the classes I took from a local artist in her studio for a number of years.  I started in oils but later moved to a variety of materials in creating my collections.

Today I am sharing my love of art with the next generation and each individual I touch through a Sharon K Wojtas Memory To Art experience. Turning your special memory or vision into an heirloom you and your loved ones can enjoy for generations is a great joy and privilege in my life!

I create in acrylic, watercolor, oil, ink, pastels and often combine several mediums. 

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