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Colorful Women Series

The "Colorful Women Series" is a contemporary celebration of the women I have known and loved in my life. I have been fortunate to have strong, colorful women as influencers throughout my years. 


This series comes together in thematic nature rather than artistic style. You'll find a variety of mediums and techniques from oils, inks and acrylics, to palette knifes and digital strokes. Mixed Media fun is used to bring my "Colorful Women" to display. 

"Colorful Women" is a series in the making with several portraits in progress, so keep an eye on this space.  I'll add to the Gallery and Emporium as portraits are completed.


Have a colorful woman in your life you'd like to pay tribute to? You'll find my commission/Heirloom process in the Heirloom menu section.

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