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Recent mural and wall art heirloom: 'The Savannah Project'

Ready to Transform Your Memory to an Heirloom?


Commissioned art pricing depends on size, and complexity of the project and materials. Just reach out and we’ll discuss.  Please know, I get great joy from creating such personalized art for people and I’ll do my best to make it an affordable and enjoyable journey.


  1. Just send me some pics of the memory you’d like created into a painting (Heirloom). 

  2. You know you’d like a special piece of art for your home, but you may need some help with finding the inspiration. Don’t worry, that’s my job.  Just reach out and we’ll discuss. 

  3. Fill out the contact form below.

  4. I’ll call you with specific questions to discuss the potential project.

  5. I’ll then create a vision mock-up.  We’ll discuss your budget; space you think you’d like the painting and size.  I’ll give you pricing options based on the project difficulty, materials and time it will take to create.

  6. To begin I’ll require 50% of agreed upon price. 50% when completed to your satisfaction. All agreed upon terms will be in writing for your peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction.

  7. It’s a fun experience to have a customized painting or mural created for your family or someone you love. As we’ll be partners through the journey.  I’ll send you updated pics as I progress, and you’ll be able to send feedback, giving you some of the artistic control of the process as well.  

If you’re ready to partner up, just send me your info below.  Additional Questions? Just send your info with questions at and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

Custom Heirloom Consultation Form

Send Sharon notes about the type of Portrait you would like. Sharon will contact you for a free consultation. 

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